Thunder, the flying pony of Assateague


The Children’s book “Sail On, Little Whee” is available on Amazon Books – click Sail On, Little Whee image above.

Sail On, Little Whee is now an Animated Movie on YouTube (29min) – click the link




BuckyART’s Creativedreamings 


The Dreams We Dream

True story, I awoke from a dream some years ago. I dreamt of a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds drifting by when suddenly clouds began morphing into flower blossoms passing before my eyes. I awoke thinking, how beautiful, but from where did that come? Through the years, it seems there are some dreams worth putting to “paper.” And so one day I brought to life the photoshopped digital work to your left. What if?
As a creative artist, writer, and dabbler, I continue to integrate the experiences of a lifetime of work into creative projects at hand, always searching and keep dreaming of the what-ifs.


BuckyART’s Vision and Experience

As an artist, writer, creative dreamer, my joy is to bring ideas to life for the clients I serve. However, extensive or straightforward, each project’s success is essential. Using the knowledge, skill, and resources, we do our best to bring ideas, yours or mine, to life.


Robert “Bucky” Buckner
Artist, Creative Dreamer

Illustration for Red’s Caboose – a book written by Julane Severson – a book available on

Red’s Caboose is a book inspired by the author’s father, nicknamed “Red.” Julane’s father took her for a day ride on the rails in the cupola of a caboose on the Soo Line railroad. Red’s Caboose is based on one of her dad’s stories of a day on the railroad.

In recent years BuckyART has illustrated, designed, and formatted more than one dozen books working with a variety of authors.

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A Little Something for everyone

Print & Digital Design

BuckyART’s experience is wide-ranging from product illustration to the more fanciful of subjects. Brochures, pamphlets, letterhead, and business cards, all are in the mix and the work is custom, designed for the requirements of clients, specific to their customers’ needs.

And all things fun

Including – 3D design – display and sign – concept and architectural illustration – CreativeDreamings and more.

Above is a picture frame concept using N-Guage model railroad track amid a variety of other materials. The framed illustration is based on digital camera shots of 3D digital models built by BuckyART. These digital images are imported into photo software and worked into a finished work of art.


Premier Architectural Design

Santa Claus comes in the guise of a November job. Nearly twenty-five years ago I designed a first Holiday card for a client and I have had the privilege and pleasure of designing their annual Holiday card every year since. What joy.

ADVENTURES in Design & Fabrication



Designed for Community of Peace Academy in St. Paul, MN, this Memorial on a brick wall adjoins a roof garden. The memorial wall honors deceased faculty and students of the school.

Cut from composite stone panels, the text and designs on the doves and bottom panels were CNC engraved and the grooves finished with gold color enamel, and a clear coat.


This project was fun to design and build. A challenge from beginning to end, the trailer made visits to Fairs and Special Events throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin for a number of years.

Just Truffles on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. MN, used the wagon to sell their proprietary product “Truffles on a Stick” Just Truffles are handmade and come in many flavors. Delicious!.

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