Sailboats on the waters

Squeeze a pumpkin seed
between thumb and Forefinger – Away goes the pumpkin seed

The analogy above explains how sailboats sail into the wind. The pressure of water on the side of the keel and the wind on the sails drive a boat forward.

The aspect of wind blowing angular to triangular sails and the movement of wind channeling through the jib causes lower pressure on the mainsail and thus with less resistance and the boat surges forward.

Notice the design on the right and the pumpkin seed-like shape that resulted as I played with layers of patterns. A perfect example of the unknown resulting in the play of layers using photo software. Design is a fun job. Good design takes time, patience, and persistence.

I was walking by an abandoned construction site and came across a stack of tile brick. With the click of a shutter and cropping what should appear, but a pattern pleasing.



Book Design

 from the book authored by Julane Severson

I built a snowman

Over the years BuckyART did at the least a “baker’s dozen” (13) illustrations of snowmen. Julane began writing simple poems of each scene and thus started a collaborative effort to bring the snowmen to life in the pages of a children’s book. 

The book is available on Amazon.

 from the book authored by Robert Buckner

Torgi the tractor – Once Upon a Farm

Robert Buckner lived on family dairy farms before deciding to seek his fortune as an artist. Torgi the tractor tells the story of a farmer who farmed and took care of the animals, the land and brought to market good things to eat. Torgi will warm your heart if not your radiator cap.

The book is available on Amazon.

Cover and book design by Robert Buckner

the curse of the radiant opal

by Anskar Thorston

While on a casual trip through Australia before settling down as a high school teacher in Minnesota, Anskar Thorston stops at an outback village, Wallagulla, where the rarest, most beautiful gemstone in the world is found…

The book is available on Amazon...