Is The Stardust Of Our Dreamings

I’ve always had a love for the awesome. As a youth, I explored the outdoors day after day. It seems I was seldom bored. Grassy open spaces were my laboratories for learning. By day under blue skies, I chased butterflies, and grasshoppers, examining them with my eyes and letting them go, watched as they went their ways to where I did not know. Night skies lit up with stars, and sometimes nights were alive with the cloud to cloud lightning amid grand cumulus clouds. All was awesome as a youngster and still is today.  

I wonder, is the creativity within us, the seed of Creation, the stardust of our Dreamings? When it comes to this, our earthly home, creativity could well be our saving grace. 






makes a difference

I took this photo of the south Whitewater stream. I was descending a steep and rugged trail from the bluffs above. Here, in this picturesque countryside, the Whitewater winds its way, emptying into the Mississippi River, still some miles away. It is the springtime of the year. A tree is in bloom, and the fast-moving water of the stream, barely contained within its banks below.

It seems in life, as in our endeavors, it is the movement and a future unknown that is our prize. Whenever I embark on a new path or adventure, I discover the unexpected. The work I do more often than not happens just that way.











within the cavity of a tree

Space within the cavity of what was once an ancient living Red Cedar tree is sacred — stepping within the hollow trunk takes one back in time some 2,000 years and more to the time of its birth. I wondered at the view through the crevice of the ages-old trunk and the young tree sitting among the giants. Still and silent, it seems a mere sapling, though already 40 feet or more in height.
A thousand years seems but a moment.